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Asset Protection

“Asset Protection” is a phrase that many people talk about, yet most do not understand precisely what it is, or what it can do to benefit them. Briefly, Asset Protection is anything that can protect your assets from becoming part of a judgment or attached by a creditor. This can be due to divorce, business failure, loan guaranty’s, personal injury, or civil lawsuit. Asset protection is typically implemented in ascending levels of protection based on the particular circumstances.

Upon meeting with one of the experienced attorneys at Winburn, Mano, Schrader & Shram, PLLC, we will first inquire as to what assets are involved, the nature of the concern, and to what extent the assets are exposed to liability. Liability exposure can vary from remote to a very high probability, depending on several factors, including the type of asset, how it is used, the owner’s profession, as well as the owner’s personal lifestyle.

The truth is that if you are a successful professional or entrepreneur who has assets to show for your years of hard work, you can become the unfortunate target of malicious and unwarranted legal attacks. Often times our clients are physicians, corporate officers, business and real estate owners who have liability exposure and have no knowledge as to the extent that such exposure could be harmful. If you have accumulated assets of value, you should consult with an attorney to fully understand what your exposure might be, and more importantly, how to minimize or eliminate such exposure.

We provide clear direction, without confusing legalese or technical jargon, that will enable you to avoid common mistakes and create a carefully tailored plan that can accomplish your asset protection objectives.
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