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Business Planning

Whether you have a family-operated business or a closely-held business with several associates, there are many aspects of owning, operating and planning the succession of your business. Our attorneys have the experience to help you establish business entities for management objectives, efficiency of taxation, and allocation of financial benefits among those involved.
If you have several owners, an ongoing concern is what happens after one owner leaves or passes away. If you have children or grandchildren involved in the operations or management, another concern is how the transfer of control and/or ownership should go while you are alive or after you pass away.
Business Planning encompasses some of the following, and much more:
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Entity Creation and Management
  • Income Tax Allocation
  • Gifting Plans
  • Family Limited Partnership/Family Limited Liability Company
On occasion, we are called to deal with difficult family issues that have been ignored for years, usually to the detriment of our clients. We have a very familiar array of planning arrangements that will provide for and nurture succeeding family members while protecting the viability of the business infrastructure. These structures can be creatively assembled to protect family members from their own worst instincts, while at the same time, provide positive incentives for personal and professional growth and community involvement.
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