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Probate & Trust Administration

The loss of a loved one is perhaps the most stressful experience anyone will ever have. The stress and sense of being overwhelmed is only further compounded when new and unusual legal questions that are thrust upon those left in charge at what seems to be the most inappropriate time.
In our experience, most persons nominated as executor or trustee are non-professional fiduciaries - a role of executor or trustee is typically filled by a family member, either a spouse or a child, or a trusted friend. As a non-professional fiduciary, most persons nominated have very little idea of what is expected of them or the liability they take on by agreeing to act as trustee.
The work involved in the administration of an individual’s estate is entirely driven by the assets and liabilities the individual had at the time that they passed, as well as the type of estate planning in which the individual engaged. Small estates can be complex; large estates can be simple. Our attorneys will help those left in charge to safely navigate the minefield of estate or trust administration.
For a list of considerations you should take into account if you have stepped up to the role of executor or trustee can be found [here].
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